Academic Technology and Support

Academic Technology Services is dedicated to providing support for classroom technology needs during class times as published on the official registrar’s course schedules. These include: computer/peripheral setup & support, audio/visual playback, and video/audio recordings.

You can use the following online request forms to schedule your classroom technology needs:

Class Equipment Request Form

Class Recording Request Form

In requesting the use of services, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Requests must be submitted AT LEAST 24 hours in advance, e.g., Mon. am requests MUST be requested the prior Friday or we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet them in time.
  • Please do not phone in service requests. Voice mail messages are the least effective means of communicating due to annual leave, meetings, etc. Your message might not be heard for hours or more.
  • Requests MUST be submitted through the online form.  Only web request forms are immediately seen by current staff.
  • All equipment needs and audio/visual recordings of events outside of regularly scheduled classes are handled by Special Events/Production Services. Please contact them for assistance.


As a key component of our strategy to cope with increasing classroom technology demands we will be training faculty and students to be self-reliant and to use equipment by themselves. This includes creating training videos that demonstrate our equipment and their use (coming soon). There are already technology instruction sheets in every classroom explaining the use of installed equipment. Faculty may also obtain keys to media cabinets if desired (please contact Cyndi Johnson).

Equipment Checkout

Equipment checkout will be used as an option if personnel are unable to provide personal assistance for an event. As part of this approach, faculty and students may now check out digital voice and video recorders from the Library for short periods of time.

NOTE:  Students should always let their professors know if they are bringing a recording device to a class.   If students violate this policy, the equipment checkout privilege could be suspended. Also, some professors prohibit unauthorized recordings.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Point of Contact: Daniel Cisneros - Media Services Technician
Email (preferred) -
Phone - 505-277-6204