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Class Recordings

The media files on this server are intended for the use of the UNM School of Law students, faculty, staff and associates and remain the property of the UNM School of Law. By using this site, you agree to the following terms: I understand that the following recordings are for personal use only and should not be shared with individuals outside the UNM School of Law. I will not save or share any file stored on this server.

You can find media files that have been recorded by selecting the class below. If you don't see it listed, we do not have media files of that class for online use at this time. If you need help with these recordings, please contact us at

Note: you will only be able to access files for the classes you are currently enrolled in.

Available Classes:

Admin Law - Benson
Business Association - Goodman
Business Planning - Mathewson
CHLP - Baum
Community Property - Terry
Constitutional Rights - Ahranjani
Constitutional Rights - Delpha
Constitutional Rights - Villa
Contracts - Desiderio
Contracts - Martin
Contracts - Spitz
Criminal Law - Ahranjani
Criminal Law - Delpha
Criminal Law - Kastenberg
DVI-DV Prosecution in Practice - Armijo
Economic Development in Indian Country - Wolfley
Education Law - Adams
Environmental Law - Villa
Environmental Litigation Drafting - LAW
ELA - Homer
ELA - Jaramillo
ELA - Stout
Ethics - Slease
ETP - Bach
ETP Evening Sessions
Evidence - Creel
Federal Income Tax - Pareja
Federal Jurisdiction - Wolfley
Federal Water Law - Benson
Insurance Law - Goodman
Intro to US Law - Desiderio
Law Journal
Legal Research - Laws
Legal Research - Longa
New Mexico Law Review
Practicum - Mathewson
Pre-Trial Practice - Gordon
Property II - Elia
Tax Practice and Procedure - Weinstein
Torts - Carey
Torts - Suzuki
Torts - Rankin
Trial Practice Workshop - Scholl
Wills and Trusts - Pareja