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Media Services Policy


The Law School Media Services department provides classroom instructional technologies and audio-visual equipment and services in support of law school classes and events. Media Services supports, maintains and repairs all Law School classroom technology and provides video and/or audio recording and media duplication services for the Law School community. The department consists of two units: Academic Technology Services and Special Events/Production Services. The following policies apply to all persons who use Law School Media Services.

Purpose of this Policy

The purpose of the policy is:

  • To establish the level of technical support provided by Media Services
  • To identify the roles and responsibilities of Media Services


The Associate Dean for Finance and Administration and the Assistant Dean for Information Technology will ensure that this policy is reviewed and updated on a regular basis and published as appropriate.

Violation of this Policy may result in disciplinary actions authorized by the University.

General Policy

Academic Technology Services (ATS) is dedicated to providing support for classroom technology needs during class times as published on the official registrar’s course schedule. ATS’s primary responsibility is to provide services in support of the Law School’s educational mission. All equipment needs and audio/visual recordings of events outside of class times as published on the official registrar’s course schedules at the Law School are handled by Special Events/Production Services. While either unit may on occasion provided media services to non-profit groups and organizations, such support must not interfere with their primary responsibility (see Section 10). Any support for non-Law School events must follow policies set forth in the “Terms of Use of Law School Space by Outside Groups” located here. Support for commercial or for-profit groups is strictly prohibited unless specifically permitted by the Dean’s Office.

On-Site Support


Academic Technology Services will provide on-site support of Law School-owned classroom technology for academic classes and events. This support is offered for regularly scheduled classes upon request of faculty, adjunct professors, students or staff. Technology use requests must be scheduled at least 24-hours in advance, Monday - Friday. Requests received less than 24-hours in advance will be honored if staffing resources permit. ATS can only support technology that is owned by the Law School. Due to the wide array of technology available, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of classroom technology with technology from other sources. This includes personal laptop computers. While ATS makes every effort to assure the functionality of classroom technology, it is not possible to guarantee 100% reliability. It is the user’s responsibility to arrive in the classroom with sufficient time to ensure the equipment will satisfy the need and to have an alternative plan for all classes, lectures, and events.

On-Site Special Events

Special Events/Production Services can provide audio-visual services for law school-sponsored events held at the Law School. This includes video or audio recording and use of the Public Address (PA) system. Service requests must be scheduled at least five business days in advance and must be approved by the Assistant Dean for Information Technology or the Media Services Manager. Non-routine, non-classroom requests will not automatically be scheduled and must be pre-approved by the Assistant Dean for Information Technology or the Media Services Manager. Requests will be prioritized based on the timeliness of the request and its relationship to the educational mission of the school. Evening and weekend requests requiring Media Services technical support are subject to personnel availability.

Audio/Video Recordings

Media Services can perform audio/video recordings of Law School classes and other special events. All recording services must be scheduled through the Media Services web site. Class related recording requests must be scheduled at least 24-hours in advance, Monday - Friday. Special event recording requests must be scheduled at least five business days in advance and must be approved by the Assistant Dean for Information Technology or the Media Services Manager. Requests received beyond those times will be honored if staffing resources and time permit. Recordings will be delivered upon completion of processing in the format as desired by the requestor. Media Services will try to process and deliver audio recordings by the end of the next business day and video recordings by the end of the third business day, but these times may fluctuate due to the volume of recordings and the availability of Media Services personnel. It is the requestor’s responsibility to keep these posting times in mind and plan accordingly when making the request.

Off-Site Events

Select Audio Visual equipment for off-site events is available for borrowing on a first-come, first-served basis. Only faculty and staff may reserve equipment. A Certificate of Responsibility must be signed and filed with the Media Services. Due to limited personnel resources, off-site technical support including event recording must be approved and arranged by the Assistant Dean for Information Technology or the Media Services Manager.

Student Use of Media Services Equipment

Students may request classroom technology use or class recording (see 8. Scheduling, below) but must have a faculty sponsor for equipment checkout. Evening or weekend service/equipment requests must follow the guidelines set forth in 5.2 On-Site Events and 6. Off-Site Events. Alternatively, digital audio and video recorders are available for check-out at the Law Library Circulation Desk. In the event that the law school cannot provide equipment for an event, UNM’s Media Technology Services provides PA systems, cameras, etc for checkout. See for details.


See Section 5.1 and 5.2 for minimum service request times. All services must be scheduled through the Media Services web-site request form. Do not phone in service requests as those do not go our web site workload tracking system. Voice mail messages are the least effective means of communicating and your message might not be heard for hours or even days--staff will often be out of the office due to the nature of special events.

Duplication Services

The Media Services can duplicate digital materials supporting the law school’s educational mission. No personal duplicating services are provided. Duplicable media includes cassette tapes, CD’s, videotapes, and DVD’s. There is no charge for media duplication for law school faculty and staff if the materials are used in the classroom. Students must supply their own media.

Copyrighted Materials

Copying and use of audio visual materials is strictly controlled by the Copyright Act of 1976, Title 17 of the United States Code. The office of University Council has published numerous policies and information regarding copyrights on intellectual rights, and main campus IT provides information on legal alternatives to pirating music and movies. The Media Services will not reproduce copyrighted materials unless accompanied by a letter from either the distributor or producer of the media material. The letter:

  • must state that you are authorized to make a copy
  • must be on professional letterhead
  • be dated
  • have a phone number
  • have an authorized signature
  • will be filed with the Media Services

Suspected infringements of this policy should be reported to the Assistant Dean for Information Technology or the Associate Dean for Library and Information Technology.

Use of Technology by Outside Groups

In accordance with University policy, the Law School permits non-profit groups and organizations to use a limited number of its classrooms for meetings and events, provided such usage does not interfere with the Law School’s educational mission. The Law School does not charge such groups for use of its rooms; however, it does charge for use of IT equipment and technical support by Law School personnel. Below is the policy summary; details are available on the law school’s web site here.

Scheduling Procedures

  • Room reservations must be submitted in writing via an official online request form. All requested information must be provided; partially completed forms will not be processed.
  • Telephone and email requests will not be processed.
  • IT equipment reservations must also be submitted in writing via an online request form, at the time a room is requested.
  • Room descriptions are available.
  • Only the following rooms are available to outside groups: 2401, 2402, 2403, 2405, 2406

Access to Rooms During Evenings and Weekends

The evening/weekend Facilities Coordinator provides access to rooms only for events appearing on the official Law School’s classroom calendar.

  • Check in with the Facilities Coordinator when you arrive. S/he can be reached by phone at (505) 730-3542 but due to the nature of the job, the Coordinator might be elsewhere in the building.
  • Promptly report to the Facilities Coordinator when your event is over so that equipment and space and be secured. This is for your benefit as well as the Law School’s. Ensuring a room is promptly secured after an event is the best way to
  • insure that your group will not be held responsible for any IT equipment that is damaged or stolen after a meeting of event.
  • Report any problems to the Facilities Coordinator.

Fees for IT Equipment and Services

  • Please see the separate room policy statement for current charges.
  • Groups using law school space may not bring in IT equipment to use in lieu of law school equipment—doing so increases risk of damage to connectors and ports, and greatly increases the likelihood law school equipment not being properly reconnected which disrupts the teaching environment.
  • Any group that unhooks law school equipment in an attempt to use outside equipment will be denied future scheduling privileges.

Policy Violation

Noncompliance or violation of these policies will result in revocation of the privilege to access Media Services and may also include other disciplinary action, pursuant to all Policies of the University of New Mexico. Any actual or suspected policy violation should be immediately reported to the Assistant Dean for Information Technology or the Associate Dean for Finance and Administration. Complete and specific details of the incident should be included with the report.